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borg warner s362 hp rating S300SX-E series is the newest turbo in the BorgWarner Collection. there must be a force and 2. These new part numbers are purpose engineered for both diesel and gasoline high performance applications. of torque. It is a good transmission when well maintained and has often been adapted to V8, V6 and I4 power. The T10 made it's appearance in GM cars . ID2000 injectors, AEM smart coils, Full Function fuel rails and dual Walbro 450 fuel pumps with a flex fuel kit keep the engine running at its maximum potential, churning out an impressive 538 horses. The Borg Warner 9 is actually called the M78 Rearend or “78 series”. Depends on how much you want to spend borg 63/68 on the cheap or a gated sxe362 with a . 00: SHOP * BorgWarner Airwerks S300SX-E (8376) Supercore (P/N 13009097056) Amazon Listing : $746. Pre ‘69 Muncie’s If you are looking for the best value 80mm turbo on the market, the Billet S480 is your best choice! We start off with a genuine BorgWarner S400SX4 turbocharger and add our proven billet 80mm compressor wheel and Severe Duty 360° thrust bearing upgrade for a turbo that is capable of 1350+ HP, with the reliability you have come to expect from WORK! Horsepower is simply a rating of an engines ability to do work. I am just wondering what are the pros and cons of the toploader and borg warner single rail gearbox. Turbine Wheel Exducer - 64mm. 5" found on the Ford/GM T5s. 44 mm 13009097056 - £587. BorgWarner 169012 S400SX S463 Turbocharger $ 690. Dec 27, 2003 · Anybody know how much power a borg warner super t-10 with an aluminum case can take? upgrading from a 350 to a 454. -ft. 08 rear end and old SROD 4-speed. Sanger. EFR Turbo Technical Brief. While the 5. You have horsepower or a fraction thereof, the wind or a river have horsepower potential as well. 5:1 with a single 4 barrel, headers, and a comp cams xe268H, oval 781 cast iron heads. 6L Duramax LLY, LBZ, and LMM with the Fleece FPE-0410-S362-V-FMW S362 FMW Turbo Kit. The abbreviation "WC" stands for "world-class", which was the term Borg-Warner used to promote improved, second-generation versions of their popular five speed manual transmissions. Dec 08, 2018 · Hey guys! This is an RB26-Swapped 1991 Nissan 300ZX pushing 650 HP to the rear wheels, owned by Cason here at Royalty Performance in Atlanta, Georgia. The Borg Warner 169012 S400SX S463 Turbocharger features twin hydrodynamic journal bearings along with an extended tip technology compressor wheel. The transmission was originally designed and built by BorgWarner for the Dodge Viper later being used by GM in 1992 for the generation II and later engines, but from 1998 was built by Tremec, though nothing changed internally. 3mm turbine wheel . 44mm S300SX-E 8380 aka S362 SX-E. "In-Line" indicates that the input and output shafts of the transmission are on the same plane. hence the extended tip and huge Exducer with the smallish inducer, it should make better power than a comparatively sized Garrett, but usually the closet matched garret just runs a bigger inlet size which trumps the theoretical power advantage . 91 A/R T4 Twin Scroll Turbine Housing. The 71C and 72C refer to the input horsepower ranges. This same turbo was producing 650hp on a Toyota Supra, but it was maybe hitting 400hp on a good day. 3 for the standard thrust. This is one of our all time best selling journal bearing turbos. Sep 10, 2009 · Horsepower Rating - 300-550. 4" inlet / 2" outlet compressor housing with new aero, integrated speed sensor port and pre-machined boost port. 94, 1. BorgWarner S200SX-E 300-650 HP Super-Core Turbocharger. Wish Lists. There are 3 basic models of transmissions; each with offerings in the 71 and 72 ratings. 92. Bolt on upgrade turbo for 2nd Gen Cummins 5. Some of the main upgrades made on the new series is the compressor housing, speed sensor socket and refined journal bearing core design. That’s enough flow for a maximum of 620+HP! Product Description. S362 AKA 63/68 AKA 63-68 SX-E Rated up to 775 hp. Optional 6 blade billet wheel, This option helps with spool-up, cooler EGT's, along . Comments: This transmission has disintegrated twice now. Going into a 3400lb. I would do a 62/71 at that level. Jun 04, 2008 · My new setup-Borg Warner S362 (lots of pictures) Post by ka24detsx » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:54 pm Big thanks to Andy Vaughn at Southern Imports in Murfreesboro TN for all his work on this project. HP rating:. Borg Warner also released that same T-85 manual three-speed in '57. SPECIAL OFFSET Centa Torsional Coupling. D. Sale Price $995. #3 · Jun 16, 2005 (Edited) Muncie 4 speed transmissions were used in General Motors cars from 1963 to early 1975. It looks like a Hurth combination. 89-92 V8 T5 (World Class) Borg Warner T5 WC Gear Ratios : 2. Borg Warner Turbo Systems is pleased to announce the release of the SX-E Supercore assemblies for gasoline & diesel performance applications. Buy BorgWarner S300SX-E S362 Complete Turbo"61. S-Series turbochargers are an effective yet affordable option for budget minded projects and entry level applications, as well as racing classes requiring a cast compressor wheel. Comparable in size to GT35 or precision 62, the SXE utilizes BorgWarner’s latest generation billet compressor wheels, and uprated journal . It has been made since the late 60’s in Australia by a company called BTR Engineering Ltd. If you have one and make any changes to the drivetrain that increases the load on this thing, get ready to rebuild or replace it. BorgWarner S400SX Super-Core 400-1300 HP Turbocharger. On Extremepsi's website for specs on the S256 turbo: Turbocharger Name - S256. The casing number on a Borg Warner T19 is 1309and the T18 casing number is 1301. 27 ratio replaced the 3. CRT Xtreem Torque S362/65. May 26, 2008 · The Borg Warner turbos were made to fit into import drag racing inlet size restrictions. 7L Cummins owners with big horsepower goals in mind. Aug 21, 2012 · Oh one other thing, I've read all your post and I know your going for a hot rod (ain't we all), don't let anybody tell you to make money let it pull down into the low teens, 1500 RPM's is as low as I ever go and that is if I'm sort of free wheeling or maybe if I know I can crest a hill at 1500, other wise I down shift at 17 or 18 depending on load and terrain. •Cast, extended tip wheel. HP Rating. Borg Warner sold the rights to the T-5 to Tremec in the late 1990s; however, there is no difference between the two manufacturer's production units, other than the name used in the castings. BorgWarner Turbo Systems Aftermarket is pleased to announce the release of the AirWerks® SX-E super core assemblies for performance applications. 61 in/168 mm Length 9. but the factory compression rating is incorrect. 88 176634 318393 Jun 04, 2008 · My new setup-Borg Warner S362 (lots of pictures) Post by ka24detsx » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:54 pm Big thanks to Andy Vaughn at Southern Imports in Murfreesboro TN for all his work on this project. #20 · Jan 27, 2018. Jan 17, 2015 · Reasons to consider a T5: - much better parts and technical support. org. the SuperB is a 57/65 and I wouldn't recomend it at that level. Starting From $77. 250 Weight 60 Lbs Approx. T4 twin scroll exhaust housing. 3" tailshaft yoke diameter compared to the 1. For example, on a Borg Warner T10, the identifiers T-10 and/or 13-04 should be imprinted on the transmission housing. SHARE POST #3. S362 AKA 62/68 AKA 62-68 SX-E. Compressor Wheel: Inducer: 62mm. 80 housing and a higher cost Do some searching you should be able to find a gated sxe362 for around $1300. Sep 09, 2009 · Registered. The Port was 5 psi at idle and . HP Ratings and Charts - Click to Expand Engines • Crusader • Yanmar Transmissions • Hurth - ZF • Twin Disk • Velvet Drive • Borg Warner Mar 12, 2019 · This engine is mated to a Borg Warner S362 turbocharger and an ETS intercooler. I have 3 speed manual in it now. Download copy of turbocharger installation guideline. Will include below parts with each one of them. The "71" and "72" designations of Borg-Warner marine transmissions indicate input horsepower ranges. 59. Stepping up the the S300 series of Borg Warner turbos, the compressor housing is quite a bit larger. 72. 0 Mustang. Nov 14, 2008 · I think this car needs a single borg warner s362 turbo or a compound turbo set-up 1 s252 turbo and one s362 turbo Twins sequentials are a thing of the past. Horsepower rating on the 73C is slightly higher. Designed with a BorgWarner FMW (Forged Milled Wheel) 62/68/. EFR feature package. Category: OEM Turbos Tag 550-875. These gear boxes were used when power levels exceeded the limits of the early Borg Warner T10 4 speed. The DPS patented Tubonator ® VGT is the most advanced turbine housing for S300 and S400 Borg Warner turbos. This turbo is the Type B ( Machine Shop, Metal Fabricator, Automotive Customization Shop, Dyno Events BorgWarner AirWerks S362 SX-E Super Core Turbocharger Assembly: 8376 (400-775 HP) (aka 62/68 SX-E) 2. BorgWarner S362 FMW (Forged Milled Wheel) T4 Turbo. Turbine Wheel: Inducer: 80mm. Flow capabilities for the S475 turbo ranging from 500 to 1050 HP. Dec 22, 2006 · Holset HX35W, Borg Warner s362, or Borg Warner S372? Your premier source for information on the Turbo KA: KA24E-T and KA24DE-T (KA with aftermarket turbo kit)! Post Reply May 26, 2008 · The Borg Warner turbos were made to fit into import drag racing inlet size restrictions. 72ar race compressor cover with drilled hole surge ring for maximum air flow. Coupled to the C30’s 380-volt system, the eDM delivers 90 kW (120 hp) and 240 N·m (177 lb·ft) and provides a claimed 5. Good for 550-700 hp depending on turbine options, it spools up VERY quickly for such a large turbo and makes good power. Complete with all attachment hardware – Grade 8 and Metric 8. 400-775hp 13009097056 Compressor 83. Related Products. Wheel Dimensions: Compressor: 60 mm inducer / 83. Exducer: 71mm Schwitzer/Borg Warner S364 turbocharger Typical Borg Warner casting numbers found on the T4 are 13-51 and 13-52 for the T5. "aka S475 (T6) S400SX3-75, S475SX & S475-SX3" This turbo utilizes the BorgWarner / AirWerks "S" generation compressor wheel with Extended Tip Technology for the ultimate in aerodynamics, the S475 turbo has . 5x66 10 blade turbine wheel. The last time I was simply motoring down the road in 5th @ 55 mph and it let go. 5mm compressor wheel inducer 66lbs/min 5" Hose inlet 4. - ability to use a S-10 tail shaft and housing to get better shift lever location. the S400 is a family of turbos that shouldn't even be in your vocabulary at only 500hp. (451) 7 bolt side cover used from 1963-68 * MUNCIE Shaft Identification The above Muncie 4 speed transmissions can be distinguished from the style of the transmission arm attachment. Two important factors involved in figuring horsepower are; 1. 750 Low Speed:1. Description. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Apr 18, 2010 · -S362: This turbo is very close in size to a GT35R. 99 in/253. Turbine Wheel Trim - 75. 0 . 100% drop in (no modifications required) Borg Warner Turbos . Wheel Turbine Turbine Wheel Turbine Wheel Turbine Wheel Turbine Cartridge Service Part Number O. Later T4's and T5's have a larger front countershaft bearing. BorgWarner 66/73 S300SX3-66 Turbocharger This turbo has flow capabilities ranging from 320 to 800 HP. 62 Spline : 26 input/27 output Dimensions : Torque Rating : 305 lb-ft Loading. Keep in mind when making your downpipe. Exducer: 83mm. Third Image is a scan of the Borg Warner Spec/Info sheet that is included with this solenoid. Specifications: 63. Reviews (0) Compressor wheel has a 63mm inducer. The Borg Warner performance line features an assortment of carefully chosen K and S series turbochargers to meet a wide array of high-performance engine requirements. 9L 2003 2007 400+HP Turbocompressor Turbine Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. No, the 418T is a S3-K04 hybrid. Aug 16, 2016 · One of the most prevalent compound turbo setups in the diesel industry bundles an S362 (BorgWarner based S300 unit) on top of the aforementioned S475, which acts as the atmospheric turbo on 5. time to do the required work is a factor. Feb 24, 2015 · Feb 25, 2015. 57. Upgraded 360 thrust bearing. May 17, 2021 · A new Borg-Warner T-5 and 3. BEP S362-68-12 and S362-68-14 3rd Gen Upgrade for Dodge Cummins 5. 454 is 8. With an all new construction for 2020, thicker insulation, and a better all round aesthetic. For example, the S366 is really the 91-79 from borgwarner, but since most people use the bulls eye performance numbers when talking about the borg warner turbo's, we . Hi, I'm currently in the market for a 4 speed manual gearbox for my stock 302 XC. It was actually based on the T-10 design and uses the same basic gear layout. 76 OP Speed: SF / SC 1. all-new severe duty 360 degree thrust bearing. #4. Compressor Wheel. 10 A/R (Standard) Price: $1,282. 76lbs / min approx 750 horsepower. This turbo is the Type B ( BORG-WARNER TORQUE TUBE TAILSHAFT, G. Dec 30, 2007 · Borg Warner s362 548hp on 93oct pump gas!! . Thorough and mindful research is crucial to making sure you get your hands on the best-possible Borg Warner Efr 7163 Turbo. Mar 23, 2017 · Understanding Borg-Warner’s R-10/R-11 Overdrive Transmissions. com Turbo Frame Dimensions Turbo Comp. MPD 6. This turbo utilizes the BorgWarner / AirWerks "S" generation compressor wheel with Extended Tip Technology for the ultimate in aerodynamics, low RPM spool-up & high RPM horsepower output. It also features the BWTS severe duty thrust system, with 6 wear pads vs. Upgraded . 71C/72C Series. All the below info is copied directly from ThirdGen. Apr 18, 2010 · -S362: This turbo is very close in size to a GT35R. 47 / 61 . Cheap Turbocharger, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:MAXPEEDINGRODS HY35 T3 Turbo Turbocharger For Dodge RAM 2500/3500 Cummins 6BT 5. 14 80 2. 1. anyone out there with experience with putting some power to. MBRP exhaust only—the truck made . Model. Compressor Features: •62mm inducer. My motor is going to put out approx 550hp and run to high 5,000's in rpm's. Replace the turbocharger in your 2004. Rated at 500 to 650+HP High-flow S300 model, with compressor flow over 65 lb/min. This has the 62mm inducer which is rated at 65 lbs/min, this turbo is designed to work efficiently between 500-650whp. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Delivery: 7-10 days by EMS With every turbo I will include 1x -4AN Oil Feed and -10AN Oil return kit + 1x 3-inch V-. The shifter is curved, instead of an angular bend like the T176. The community to discuss high-performance Dodge vehicles from the SRT and PVO groups, SRT-4, SRT-6, SRT-8, and SRT-10. 64x88mm single plane GTX style billet wheel with extended tips to 94mm. Add up to 300 HP at low RPM. 4 SX-E series turbo. All of these qualities translate into smoother shifts , and overall better reliability. Borg Warner Velvet Drive to Cummins 5. This is a 2nd Gen bolt-on turbo from Borg Warner - S300G upgrade turbo for Diesel . Ball Bearing S400; . 5. 5 second 0-50 km/h time for the 1,385kg (3 . Learn more. First gear ratios depend on tag number, but most are in the 2. NSW, Australia. can come with or without turbine housing. Get the most out of your truck and be ahead of the competition with a Borg Warner SX-E turbo. Polished anti-surge for better spool up. Turbo blanket, which has reinvented the durability and performance of the turbo blanket. 22 PSI on an B25 10,5:1 is the most i've seen so far. BorgWarner S362SX-E Turbocharger Supercore Rated @ 775HP 76/68mm Turbine Wheel. Call us on Dec 22, 2006 · Holset HX35W, Borg Warner s362, or Borg Warner S372? Your premier source for information on the Turbo KA: KA24E-T and KA24DE-T (KA with aftermarket turbo kit)! Post Reply Jan 06, 2016 · Borg Warner Velvet Drive to Cummins 5. 19: SHOP * Jun 16, 2005 · 505 Posts. Borg Warner T-19 Transmission. The new SX-E series from Borg Warner takes affordable turbochargers to new heights! These turbochargers holds a very high quality straight through and have journal bearing cores of highest quality. Rating Thread / Thread Starter: Last Post: Replies: Views : 65mm turbine wheel Borg Warner s362. If you are like many four-on-the-floor muscle car owners you will tend to overlook replacing the gear oil in your Muncie (M20, M21, or M22), Borg-Warner Super T-10, or Super T-10 4-speed transmission. Add to Cart Add to Wish List. 60 66 3. World-class T5's were used in various Ford models starting in the 1985 model year, and in various GM models starting in the 1988 model year. 70 a/r. Borg Warner S300 SX-E 8376 -S362 0,88 Den nya SX-E serien från Borg Warner som tar prisvärda glidlagrande turbo aggregat till nya höjder! Dessa turboaggregat håller en mycket hög kvalité rakt igenom och har lagerdelar av högsta kvalité. 1967 2 dr chevelle. 85 a/r. Put . Nov 27, 2013 · Borg Warner S362 SX-E ECU Master Emu. Borg Warner S475 turbo. Call us on Apr 26, 2021 · Rating Action: Moody's affirms BorgWarner's ratings with senior unsecured at Baa1, changes outlook to stableGlobal Credit Research - 26 Apr 2021New York, April 26, 2021 -- Moody's Investors . T4 Housing options are a "marmon" style exhaust flange. May 26, 2013 · Borg Warner 78 hp rating? - posted in Driveline: Forgive me if this is on the forum some where but i tried looking. Schwitzer/Borg Warner S362 turbocharger This has the 62mm inducer which is rated at 65 lbs/min, this turbo is designed to work efficiently between 500-650whp. Borg Warner S400SX3-71 (S471) Race Cover. In mostly stock trim—Airaid intake and 4-in. 9 HD Adapter Kit quantity. Joined Feb 17, 2007. NMCarNut, Jan 17, 2015. Reviews. Choose Options . 15. The Borg Warner S362SXE turbo with a 68mm turbine features• 360 degree thrust bearing. 89 73 . Check out the video below to see how our all-new turbo jackets work on the Dyno! BorgWarner’s EFR turbochargers set new world standards in performance, convenient installation and high-tech features: Matchbot - Interactive Matching Program. Horsepower capability of 450-525 range *photos shown with optional billet wastegate* not included must choose option To realize the full potential of your S300, we highly recommend the use of the following upgrade components: HP rating 4. twin turbo evo 9-672WHp Borg warner S362 on Evo 8 built 2. 95:1 to 4. When I first built my RB25DET I was using a Bullseye Power (Borg Warner) S362 Turbo with a . Commonly used as a small/moderate single turbo or as the secondary (small/bottom turbo) in compound turbo set-ups, this S362(SX-E) turbo flows up to 77lbs/min. Extended Tips: 88mm. i was wondering if this will fit in my 65 mustang. The T90 was the improved progeny of the T84, of military MB & GPW fame. Comes standard with cast 7 blade Borg Warner extended tip technology compressor wheel. I see in the Borg Warner specs a 72 is supposed to only handle 425hp @ 4200rpm's. . A large S300 paired with an S488 SX-E or even a pair of S400’s work well for 6. Thanks BorgWarner 60/68 S300SX3-60 Turbocharger This turbo has flow capabilities ranging from 320 to 800 HP. 91 A/R: Turbochargers - Amazon. 44mm, 8376" w/ T4 Divided . PROP 65. Dec 22, 2006 · Holset HX35W, Borg Warner s362, or Borg Warner S372? Your premier source for information on the Turbo KA: KA24E-T and KA24DE-T (KA with aftermarket turbo kit)! Post Reply Sep 04, 2019 · Ratings: Mazda CX-5 2. Model: Compressor Wheel: Turbine Wheel . Turbine Wheel Inducer - 74mm. 00 5 2. Sep 04, 2021 · Location: Sydney. T4 Twin Scroll VBand - 1. (mm) Wheel OD O. 0 - SF A D D I T I O N A L C A T A L O G I N F O R M A T I O N Torque Rating 798 Lb-Inches Shaft Diameters High Speed:0. 71C Horsepower Ratings 1 of 3. Rating 130°C/266°F 125°C/257°F Average Efficency 72% 62% Max Output 215 Amps 200 Amps Stator Diameter 5. Making them a real bang for the buck for garage build. Jan 17, 2018 · 148 Posts. Loading. New high flowing vanes. BorgWarner AirWerks S369 SX-E Super Core Turbocharger Assembly: 9180 (500-1000 HP) (aka 69/73 SX-E) Apr 09, 2009 · Joined Jan 2, 2008. This turbo also is made by Bullseye only. . 5 exducer, with exclusive Extended Tip Technology. It is easy to overlook this type of general maintenance. This unit utilizes an all-new compressor section, with an FMW compressor, and a new, 4”/2. ·. Reversible pumps are available for both the 71C and the 72C. Apr 25, 2012 · I have a 72c velvet drive and am using it on my 65 Mandella with a BB Chevy. Additional information. Horsepower capability of 450-525 range . Image. 9 210 hp and Borg Warner 10-26 gears. M. On a T5, the identifier should begin with 13-52. The Ford T-19 is similar to the T-18 except first gear is synchronized. I think the F21 has a 50/42 turbine and a custom compressor wheel thats a little smaller than the wheel used in the K280 (which uses a 56/42 wheel from the 8LS3) May 07, 2016 · So the addition of 90-hp DRP injectors, BD Diesel’s high-power CP3 and the DRP Compound turbo system resulted in an additional 243 horsepower and 305 lb. PM me if have any questions. BorgWarner's S200 SX-Enahnced 57mm Turbo Features: 57mm Forged-Milled EFR7670 compressor wheel, optimized aerodynamics. Wehrli Custom Fabrication - WCFab » Borg Warner Turbo Browse Single Turbo Kits Products Sort Best Match Lowest Price Highest Price Best Rating Most Reviews List A-Z List Z-A Newest Oldest Features & Details: 500 to 600 HP. ETT 62mm . To Select A Turbine Housing with this Turbo Click Here. 5” hose-type compressor, which makes it a direct-fit for the popular aftermarket units. 11-27-2013, . you can get a borg warner s366 for $840 NEW pm me. #15 · Apr 22, 2009. S362 Turbo - 62mm S-Series Turbocharger - 650 HP. 8 or better bolts. The gear pressure on the Starboard was 5 psi@idle and 33 @ 2600 rpm. In the next year or so, my father is building a decent shop with a lift and I plan on finally undertaking a complete cab/body off restoration of my truck. Quantity. The transmission has all the same dimensions as a Muncie other that it is a little fatter. Transmissions:Velvet Drive/Borg Warner: Borg Warner 10-26000-003 oil pressure: Dave : 2 - 01-Mar-13 Original Post : 01-Mar-13 : I surveyed a vessel today with twin Cummins 5. The 72C is available as either a Direct Drive or Reduction. 34, 1. 95, 1. 81. 72C Horsepower Ratings 2 of 3. Turbo speed gauge guidelines. Ideal for 13B engines & 2 up to 3 liter petrol engine and 3 to 4 liter diesel engine. 5L Turbo fuel consumption, did not score very well but still acceptable . (mm) Exducer Exducer (mm) A/R Assembly Kit 177281 3. Wastegate selection guide. We also have all the accessories needed for a professional . The Borgwarner S362 SXE Turbo Blanket is based around the construction of the Mk3. The mounting is the same but the shaft coupling is 5-3/4" 6 bolt on the 73C and the 5" 4 bolt on the 72C. This turbo has a T-3 exhaust housing mount, will work with stock & aftermarket exhaust Cummins manifolds. $5,800. Frankenturbo and BBT are both K04 based hybrids with varying specifications. Nov 28, 2018 · The HVH 250 is coupled to BorgWarner’s compact, single-speed eGearDrive transmission that’s rated more than 97% efficient and features an electrically actuated parking lock. $ 1,100. Compressor Wheel: Inducer: 62mm Exducer: 83mm Extended Tips: 88mm Turbine Wheel: Inducer: 80mm Exducer: 71mm Schwitzer/Borg Warner S364 turbocharger BorgWarner 66/73 S300SX3-66 Turbocharger This turbo has flow capabilities ranging from 320 to 800 HP. Inducer Dia. FORCED INDUCTION > Borg Warner Turbo > Borg Warner S362 SX-E 63/68 8776 Turbo S362/65/14. 332 Posts. The 71C is only available as a Direct Drive. This means the T5 in the 1982-86 280ZX/300ZX turbos is 100% Borg Warner but with a special tailhousing designed for the Datsun speedometer sleeve/cog as well as well as a bellhousing to let it bolt onto a L28/Z31. SDP S300/S400 Twin Turbo Kit. BTR was bought out by Borg-Warner under which company name the rears were produced for our cars. (455) 81-82 CAMARO/FIREBIRD 9 bolt side cover MUNCIE M-20/M-21 EARLY, G. It comes with an 11" flywheel & bell housing, & Hurst shifter. Sep 26, 2016 · I have a Borg Warner s362 FMW (62/68/12) currently, I love the turbo and set up as is. borgwarnerboosted. Aug 18, 2002 · A t-5 tranny I have just recently seen a Borg Warner t-5 at a junkyard from a 1989 5. Borg Warner S362-E S362SX-E S300SX-E Billet FMW 61mm S362 - HP Rating: 400-775 crank HP The latest additions from Borg Warner! The SX-E series turbos slot above the regular S2. 9L models from 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. 1 A/R for all S362 . 60 2. Compressor Wheel Trim - 49. Please wait. The transmission is the progeny of the SR4, so they look similar and are occasionally confused. $1,327. S362/65/14 2G Cummins 5. The car is an absolute weapon, with plenty of custom bits throughout the build, inside and out. Borg Warner S362 62/73. Search. May 28, 2013 · Got a few turbos lying around, need to move them. First gear on Ford versions of the T-19 is always the close ratio, around 4:1. BorgWarner Airwerks S300SX3-60, S360, S300 83/75 with . May 11, 2012 · Schwitzer/Borg Warner S362 turbocharger. 8 mm 11 in/280 mm Remote Sense Standard Optional COMPETITIVE INTERCHANGE DATA Mounting Part # Output (Amps) Part # Sales # Output (Amps) Delco Remy 38SI Leece Neville Pad 8600707 215 . How much horsepower can i expect to throw through the b/w78 before i do some major damage? Just trying to think long term. HD Fully machined adapters. Exducer: 71mm Schwitzer/Borg Warner S364 turbocharger The Borg-Warner T90 transmission was one of the most common transmissions found in 1946 to 1971 Jeeps. Turbine Wheel. kinda like precisions Pro-mod turbos for mustangs and stuff. 9 HD Adapter Kit. The most popular model is the In-Line unit. The all new ‘SX-Enhanced’ turbos redefine performance and value for modern turbochargers. Late '50s and early '60s Corvettes used an aluminum case, while the full-size GM units from '57-'60 used a cast-iron case. 7 Powerstroke Budget SXE Turbo Kit. #2 · Sep 9, 2009. 83 IWG T4 Turbocharger with high flow turbine wheel, this kit is rated for 625 HP. Assembly May 11, 2012 · Schwitzer/Borg Warner S362 turbocharger. 7L Cummins engines. It's the New Process A 833 4 speed over drive transmission found in 1980 to 85 Chevy 1/2 ton, 2 wheel drive trucks. BorgWarner 61. 100% spline contact, etc. BD missed the boat with the . FOR SALE! WE SHIP WORLDWIDE Airwerks turbochargers are designed for the competitive motorsports market 123754929772 May 26, 2008 · The Borg Warner turbos were made to fit into import drag racing inlet size restrictions. Add to cart. These aspects make it ideal for high performance / towing models. 03:1 range. 9L or 6. 03-26-2020 09:23 AM by . 45. Compressor Wheel Inducer - 56mm. Compressor Wheel Exducer - 80mm. Integrated speed sensor port. Aug 22, 2015 · Muncie, Borg-Warner T-10, or Super T-10 4-Speed Transmission Oil Change. 00, . 9L provides for a solid towing arrangement, with S364/S480 or larger turbos being more suited for all-out horsepower. While smaller in size, they are quick-spooling, great for towing, support 700 hp and can be had on a reasonable budget. HP Calculator: CompD Gift Shop : . Temp. 0L engine was a huge hit with the tech-heads due to the low cost and heavy amounts of torque, the turbo engine still wasn't getting the recognition it deserved due to its small engine size and it suffering from turbo lag. 5mm Exducer: . HP Ratings and Charts - Click to Expand Engines • Crusader • Yanmar Transmissions • Hurth - ZF • Twin Disk • Velvet Drive • Borg Warner BorgWarner Airwerks S300SX3-60, S360, S300 83/75 with . Interchangeable with existing turbine housings. - as least as good gear ratios available when compared to even the "close ratio" T50 box. Product Description. Genuine Air Werks by Borg Warner, S400SX4 turbo charger with 75mm compressor wheel inducer. 9 engines. Transmissions:Velvet Drive/Borg Warner: 73C Series Questions: Fishknots : 3 - 02-Mar-11 Reply: Fishknots : 02-Mar-11 : 73C is about 2" longer than the 72C. Your rating * Your review * Name * . Borg Warner S300SX-66 (S366) 90 Out. BorgWarner AirWerks S362 SX-E Super Core Turbocharger Assembly: 8376 (400-775 HP) (aka 62/68 SX-E) #31156 The combination of an S362 over S475 on a 5. Borg Warner Turbos . The trans mount, input & output is in the same location as this 68 M20 Muncie. wondering what the chances of survival are. The early overdrive transmission is actually a two-speed planetary transmission attached to the rear portion of a standard three-speed transmission. Read more Details. 13,852 Posts. 00. Borg-Warner overdrive transmissions were first introduced in 1934, originally designed to reduce engine rpms at highway speeds. The most incredible stats from this build-up however are the exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). - stronger, especially the world-class version. Notable is a smaller 1. Ett nytt kompressorhus som skiljer från den gamla 300SX serien samt uttag för hastighet/varvtalsgivare. 98 in/152 mm 6. After the stock VG30DETT was removed from the engine bay, a RB26DETT. Wheel Comp. 44mm S300SX-E 8376 aka S362 SX-E - 13009097056 This is our all time best selling journal bearing turbo. Exhaust housing sold separately. Sep 01, 2021 · Potential sources can include buying guides for Borg Warner Efr 7163 Turbo, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, online forums, and product reviews. This turbo is the Type B ( Aug 25, 2021 · BorgWarner S300SXE S300SX-E SXE S362 62/68 Super Core 400-775 HP 13009097056 Ebay Listing - Ends 09/21/2020: $700. See turbo upgrade pricing and information. Borg warner Turbo ideal for 550-875 hp. 5-2010 GM 6. 320 - 800 HP Turbo www. These turbos will be steadily improved based on the latest findings in aerodynamic and materials technology here at Forced Inductions. Feb 01, 2013 · RATINGS Borg Warner PS202 Pressure Switch Reviews [ ] Borg Warner PS202 Pressure Switch Borg Warner PS202 Pressure Switch Selecting Tires for Race/Road Use and Modifying Tire Tension to Optimize Managing This content describes the aspects one really should think about when paying for efficiency tires. From my research, the toploader is more sought after, is stronger and was used in earlier falcons, that's where my knowledge ends. You want the K250/280/300 range for K03 fitment on the A4. BorgWarner’s EFR turbochargers set new world standards in performance, convenient installation and high-tech features: Matchbot - Interactive Matching Program. Machine Shop, Metal Fabricator, Automotive Customization Shop, Dyno Events Knowing what numbers mean Borg Warner might save you a trip to the computer. Add To Cart. Because of its long production span, it is nearly legendary. Borg Warner drop in T4 turbo. The new SXE comes as a supercore unit. 21 V Band Outlet Compressor Cover 74. GM used all aluminum-cased units after 1960, and all manufacturers used aluminum cases up until 1974. 9 Turbo. HP Rating: Bearing Options: S300SX-60: Extended Tip; 60mm Inducer / 83. Service Classifications: Pleasure craft: Full throttle used approximately 5% Of total running time . BORG WARNER AIRWERKS Turbocharger S300SX-E SUPER-CORE-E 61. The T-56 six speed manual transmission has been used in a wide range of vehicles from General Motors, Dodge, and Ford Motor Company. Borg Warner has offered: S200 ; S300 S360 S362 S366 S372 S374 ; S400 S472 S476 S480 ; S500 (technically these are the bulls eye performance numbers of popular borg warner units. Borg Warner Turbos S362SXE Turbocharger (68mm Turbine) $ 823. borg warner s362 hp rating